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About Us

About CRS

Cumberland Rubber Supply is a manufacturer of standard and custom rubber products. We have a wide range of products available including tiles, curtains, panels, sheets, anti-fatigue fitness mats, mining parts, and custom power plant parts. Our products include compounding, compression molding, and fabrication. CRS high-performance parts found in range, mining, energy, agricultural, high impact, retail, and government sectors.

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At CRS we offer American made rubber products of the highest quality. We are fully committed to providing our customers with top notch products that can withstand the most demanding applications.

Our most popular product line is our vulcanized ballistic control products. Our panels, sheets, and blocks are designed to furnish a safe live fire environment by controlling bullets on contact, stopping/ preventing ricochet, and self-healing after impact. Cumberland Rubber Supply products provide superior overall safety in live fire training environments.

Quality production practices and policies we follow include –

  • Fabrication of products that score high on the quality front.
  • Commitment to meeting every need of our customers, whether large or small.
  • Delivery of the products in a timely manner.
  • The practice of shipping domestically as well as internationally.
  • We are willing to take it a step further when it comes to customer satisfaction and do so by offering solutions for customized product needs. When you feel the need to customize one of our regular products to meet the needs of your business, let us know, and we will strive to exceed your expectations.

    About Our Rubber

    The high flexibility of the rubber creates multiple shock absorbers with specialized mountings that are designed to reduce vibrations. Rubber is also relatively impermeable to gases and has a resistance to water as well as most liquid chemicals. CRS rubber parts also possess an electrical resistance and are used as an electrical insulator.

    Our product's physical properties are tensile strength: 950-1150 psi, Ultimate elongation: 210-300%, 100% modulus: 350-400psi. coefficient of friction: 1.2-1.25 static. UV exposure, ATSM D 925-88(00) 72 has ten inches below 275W RS UV bulb: tensile strength 5.9 % change, elongation 6.7% change.

    These properties translate into enhancing the desired qualities of strength, elasticity, and durability of our products. Our ballistic rubber blocks, panels, and sheets can sustain thousands of high-velocity rounds while maintaining the structural integrity of our product. Our rubber products are designed to provide a safe live fire environment by controlling bullets on contact, stopping or preventing ricochets and self-healing after impact. Cumberland Rubber Supply products promote and improve overall safety in live fire training environments.

    Learn about High Performing Rubber

    If high performing ballistic control and safety is essential, then we have the premium products you need.

    Not all rubber is made equal

U.S. & International Shipping

At Cumberland Rubber Supply we strive to supply the United States as well as the rest of the world. Our rubber parts can be found all over the planet. Please let us know if you will need a shipping quote with your order. We can provide a quote from our warehouse to your door.

Lead Time

If we do not have a product in stock, please allow production at least a week depending on project size and complexity. Larger projects can require several weeks or months to produce. Most normal orders require a few days to produce parts that pass quality control standards.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards. We also accept wire transfers and checks. If you choose to pay by wire transfer, you will receive instructions on how to send your payment once you submit your order. We do not send out orders until payment is cleared.

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