About Cumberland Rubber Supply

At CRS we offer high-quality American-made rubber products. We are fully committed to providing our customers with top-notch products that can withstand the most demanding applications. We have a wide range of products that include ballistic rubber, custom parts, high impact bumpers, modified rubber parts, ballistic gel, high-density athletic parts, custom cut steel, bulletproofing materials, and landscaping rubber materials.

Specific parts include panels, sheets, blocks, granulated rubber, anti-fatigue mats, mining parts, and other custom-designed parts. Our capabilities include compounding, compression molding, and fabrication. CRS high-performance parts are found in shooting ranges, mining applications, energy sector designs, agricultural applications, high-end athletic facilities, erosion control projects, transportation parts, and other high impact environments.

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Our most popular product line is our vulcanized ballistic control products. Our panels, sheets, and blocks are designed to furnish a safe live fire environment by controlling bullets on contact, stopping/ preventing ricochet, and self-healing after impact. Cumberland Rubber Supply products provide superior overall safety in live fire training environments.

Our Rubber

We can design high impact parts for a broad set of environments. For example, rubbers, flexibility makes it perfect for shock absorbers to reduce vibrations. With other traits that make it impermeable to gases and resistant to water and most liquid chemicals. Other parts can provide electrical resistance. These physical properties translate into enhancing the desired qualities of strength, elasticity, and durability of our products. Our ballistic rubber blocks, panels, and sheets can sustain thousands of high-velocity rounds while maintaining our product’s structural integrity. Our rubber products are designed to perform while taking on impact.

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