Cumberland Rubber Supply Innovation and Rubber

Cumberland Rubber Supply Innovation and Rubber

Cumberland Rubber Supply is innovating rubber. The company was founded by two midwestern entrepreneurs after relocating to Nashville. Cumberland Rubber Supply (CRS) has been producing cutting-edge rubber parts for a wide range of industries over the last three years. The company has innovated products in nuclear, wind energy, defense mining, agricultural, gym, and ballistic rubber.

In an age of unprecedented online consumerism and information overload, it can be difficult to efficiently find a company that is capable of building that one specific rubber part. CRS was founded for that reason. Their niche is found in producing customized rubber parts that are designed for specific applications. Innovation is key in the basic materials industry. Their product development has a reputation for unparalleled quality. CRS ballistic parts have shown to withstand thousands of rounds of live military and police fire at training facilities. They have demonstrated they can transcend industries by building custom parts for nuclear power plants. Cumberland Rubber Supply is always ready for the challenge that lies ahead.

CRS has been developing stronger compounds and testing hybrid modifications with aerospace materials. Their ability to compound rubber with versatile manufacturing processes provides the opportunity to align unlimited required specifics of strength and elasticity.

Cumberland Rubber has quickly become a top end manufacturer in the custom rubber applications industry. CRS takes pride in providing solutions that will last decades.

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Our rubber is built using a systematic and tedious heat press process. The end result is the highest density/ performing product per square inch on the market.

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