Is all granulated rubber the same?

NO – Not all granulated rubber is the same. Depending on the source, granulated rubber can vary from recycled car tires to pure rubber. Some sellers will sell granulated rubber with bladders, tread, and metal still in the mix. Make sure you know what you are getting!

Impurities in the material can be a liability. For shooting ranges, it’s important to keep as much impurity out of the product as possible.

What does granulated rubber media do?

Rubber media is made to increase range safety. A coating is used on the media to decrease risk. Our product is a ballistic rubber media product for shooting ranges and provides an excellent anti-ricochet application and backstop. Rubber media is also an excellent product because it does not erode in the elements.

What type of granulated rubber does CRS offer?

At CRS, we offer two types of rubber media for shooting ranges: SRRM2000 & VBRM2000. SRRM2000 does not have a built-in flame retardant, and VBRM2000 does have a built-in flame-resistant formula. We are the only company that makes media with a built-in flame-resistant formula (VBRM2000).

Does granulated rubber need to be coated or treated?

It is recommended to coat or treat ballistic rubber mulch. All range builders recommend coating rubber granulate for added safety.  Most installers will coat rubber media with fire-resistant materials to enhance range safety.

Where can you get granulated rubber treatment?

We can recommend the type of material that is used to mix in with the rubber media. We can also recommend high-quality range maintenance and installation companies.

How is rubber media delivered?

Granulated rubber media is usually delivered in 2000 lb. super sacks. We can also bag it in 50 lb. bags.