CRS range rubber doesn’t turn into crumb piles.

Why is high-density ballistic rubber valuable in a shooting range? High-Density Ballistic Rubber is an actual rubber compound. The compound was designed with many range functions in mind. The product is designed to last 2 to 3 times longer than other rubber parts.

CRS High-Density ballistic rubber is designed to feature desired traits of flexibility, density, and durability. This designed compound enables high performance and durability. Rounds smoothly enter CRS ballistic products, and the rubber self heals around the bullet. This feature allows the product to function better in anti ricochet environments.

This increased performance is due to the elasticity of the product and the design of the rubber.

The product is also a non-porous rubber. Non-porous rubbers help in range function to decrease gunpowder absorption as well as allow easier cleaning. This high-density rubber build enables the product to take on the maximum load and not break down at a high rate. CRS ballistic products will not break down into hazardous crumb piles.