Is it time to upgrade to CRS Ballistic Rubber?


Are your ballistic blocks turning into crumbs? That’s probably because you are using grind and glue/ cold pressed rubber. It’s time for a range upgrade. #RangeUpgrade Upgrade to CRS High-Density Ballistic Rubber. CRS Ballistic Products last 2x to 3x longer. Get a quote today! #RangeUpgrade #CRSBallistic #BallisticRubber #shootingrange #rangeday #guntok #glock #shotshow

Big Boat Little Block

CRS products rank high in compression value. CRS High Impact rubber can take on an extreme amount of weight. We manufacture products that become high-strength hybrid vulcanized rubber parts. The modifications made to the rubber give the products the required strength to perform in a specific application. Compression is rubber’s ability to return to its …

CRS making waves in the shooting range industry

Product Innovation Cumberland Rubber Supply (CRS) has been making waves by disrupting the shooting range industry. CRS has pushed the limits in next-level compounds and designs. Not only are CRS ballistic materials conceivably the longest-lasting material in the anti ricochet industry, but they’re also pushing the boundaries of new functionality. CRS builds high-end parts that, in …