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Not all rubber is made equal. At CRS, our goal is building the highest performing rubber on a price per pound basis. The density of our rubber is the element that extends the life of the product. Our vulcanized rubber is built using a systematic and tedious process. This process begins with only natural uncured rubber. The rubber is heat pressed then cured. The end result is the highest density/ performing product per square inch on the market.

New at CRS

  • Happy Thanksgiving! We will be closed Thursday & Friday November 24th & 25th If you need anything, email
  • What is Durometer? You may have seen the word durometer and wondered what it meant. Durometer is a
  • How to Glue Ballistic Rubber to Steel At CRS, we get a lot of questions about the best
  • We focus on improving and showing what our product can do. At CRS, we don’t spend money on
  • What happens when you shoot hollow point rounds into Ballistic Rubber? And how does it compare to FMJ? If you look closely at the side-by-side photos, the Hollow Point round takes more away from the ballistic rubber sheet than the FMJ. The ballistic rubber product is made to self-heal, meaning it will revert back to […]
  • If you're in the market for a ballistic block or blocks, you might be wondering how many rounds it can take before it needs to be replaced. The answer to that question, it can take a lot. When it comes to durability, the CRS 9"x12"x24" ballistic block is in a league of its own.
  • A shoot house, also known as a kill house, is a type of live fire shooting range that is used to train military, law enforcement, and other personnel in close quarters combat (CQC) environments. In a CQC environment, there is little to no room for error, which is why training in a shoot house is […]
  • So you want to be a better hunter, eh? I don't blame you. After all, hunting is both a challenging and rewarding sport. And there's nothing quite like the feeling of finally bagging that trophy buck you've been chasing for seasons. But becoming a better hunter takes more than just wishing for it—it takes practice. […]
  • CRS works with ID Targets to provide safe self-healing targets for your shooting experience. They are great because there is no splashback when you shoot! You get all the same markers as on paper targets with the ability to reuse the parts 3000+ times.
  • CRS is the leading supplier of granulated rubber. Granulated rubber is a significant product for many shooting ranges. It is used to slow and capture rounds in a range. We work with all branches of the government, police departments, and public and private shooting ranges.

Core Values

We have increased our customer base tremendously due to the quality that we implement into our products. Our ballistic and custom rubber products produce the highest performing results guaranteed.