Sledgehammer Blocks

With a weight of 107 lbs, the CRS 9″x12″x24″ block is one of the heaviest blocks that you can buy. This makes it less likely to move around if hit by force. CRS Blocks are unique because of the process they are built. Competitor’s products are usually grind and glue, but the CRS process is different and creates strong, durable blocks that won’t break apart in use.

The competitor’s block is the result of a process that grinds together rubber particles and holds them together with a glue binder. It’s porous, as you can tell by its rough texture from all those tiny pits in it! The problem with this particular method is that high-impact falls might break or crack through to your floors below because it wasn’t really meant for something so tough.

The comparison between grind and glue blocks and CRS blocks.

CRS Parts are hybrid SBR meaning it’s made to endure the impact. Our product has many applications, such as mining, where the rocks and equipment give our hardworking compound a beating all day long.

CRS Blocks are made to withstand a beating. Let us know if you would be interested in learning more about this innovative product as well as all of our other products and services.