Cumberland Rubber Supply offers high-density products that provide the marine industry with the best rubber parts available to keep their boats in great condition.

CRS high impact blocks are made to withstand the necessary weight-bearing requirements. Our bumpers can take on impact while protecting your water vessel. We build marine blocks and plates that can withstand the harshest aquatic environments, so no matter where you go in search of adventure, we’re ready for anything!

CRS Marine Blocks is a top company when it comes to supplying all types of materials needed by commercial industries such as maritime facilities who need durable products with superior performance characteristics like our load bearing bumper which has been designed specifically for heavy duty loading conditions or extreme cold weather climates.

Our American made marine rubber blocks are manufactured from a hybrid vulcanized rubber material that is both durable and flexible. This means our products can withstand the wear and tear of regular use while still providing excellent shock absorption for your cargo. We pride ourselves in using an environmentally friendly production process, which involves recycling materials to reduce waste and keep costs low for you. When it comes to meeting your needs, we believe in finding solutions rather than having problems. If any of this sounds appealing or interesting, contact us today!