anti ricochet

Ricochet is a term used to describe the effect of bullets or remnants of rounds bouncing off surfaces. Ricochets cause a variety of issues in shooting ranges from injury to personnel to damaged equipment. The word anti means “against,” so, in this context, it can be taken as meaning they fight against what you would expect from common sense or logic. Cumberland Rubber Supply (CRS) ballistic products are made to fight against ricochet.

CRS Ballistic products are the best in the market for anti ricochet. Compared to competitors’ parts, these rubber parts self-heal better and last 2×3 times longer than other products on the market! Just take one look at our high-density ballistic material – there’s no need to describe how resilient it is because you can see proof right before your eyes.

CRS high-density products close around bullet impacts, making them nonporous and easy to clean. The lack of pores in CRS’ product also means it will not crumble apart like other more delicate rubber range products. Competitors grind and glue rubber parts when exposed to vibrations are prone to break down quickly under pressure. This is because they are not natural rubber-based products. The level of elasticity and other physical properties makes CRS products unique.